The Province of Jujuy lies on the northern end of Argentina and its geographical features turn it into a very special place. This has been discovered by tourists in the last few decades, during which even the smallest cities of Jujuy have been chosen as the trendiest destinations when it comes to going on a trip around this region.

Puramarca, Tilcara, Humahuaca and Maimara are some of the most popular destinations. Every year, several events celebrated at these locations summon thousands of tourists who come along lured by typical dishes, popular celebrations and the most original carnivals in the world.
The Humahuaca Ravine has been declared World Cultural and Natural Heritage by UNESCO. Very picturesque small towns completely worth a visit are scattered around this area.
The capital of Jujuy also seduces all first-comers. Its ravines and valleys, the polite nature of its denizens and the most unexpected corners of the city make it unique and convince visitors to come back.
Another must visit in Jujuy is the salt deposit known as "Salinas Grandes". This scene is perfect to make anyone believe they are either on another planet or inside a science fiction story. Everything is white and salt. When it rains, the cracks on the ground disappear and everything becomes an endless mirror reflecting it all. A site second to none.