City of Ushuaia. End of the World, beginning of everything.

Ushuaia, Patagonia, Argentina…these names awake the fantasy of thousands of people all around the world. A mythic, distant, immense place.  Walking along it the visitor can observe Mother Earth's motion. At the end of the plains of Patagonia, in Tierra del Fuego Province, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur, Los Andes cordillera stands out in the landscape displaying its glacier-meltwater valleys, peat bogs and ancient forests to show a paradise in the south.

Located at Canal de Beagle bank, Ushuaia, is surrounded by Martial Mounts and offers a unique landscape in Argentina , the combination of mountains, sea, glaciers and woods.

The rugged topography has generated a picturesque city that combines the colours and unevenness accompanying the Andes silhouette that contrasts with the sky. Ushuaia, is not only a tiny city at one extreme of the world but it is also nature and adventure at its most. We invite you to visit the most southern region in the world, source of inspiration, challenge, myths and legends that last even for those who have never stepped on these lands or sailed the southern seas.

A bit of history...

Ushuaia celebrates its birthday on October 12th. Why? Back in 1884 the expedition led by Comodoro Augusto Lasserre inaugurated Ushuaia Subprefectura (coast guard forces) on the shore of the Beagle Channel. Argentina’s flag is risen for the first time in these parts. From that moment on, the city has developed from a small little town with hundreds of inhabitants into the booming city it is now with thousands of permanent inhabitants and approximately five hundred thousand tourists coming every year.

End of the World Train: This is an unforgettable and unique trip on board of the “End of the World Train”, the Austral Fueguino train, that reminds of the ancient steam trains, goes along the same way that convicts used to supply the community with firewood 80 years ago.