There are a few places in the world where you may watch the animals in their natural habitat as it happens in Península Valdés. It is such a great natural sanctuary that Unesco declared it World Heritage in 1999. Puerto Pirámides is the only town in this trimmed plateau exposed to Patagonian winds. When travelers leave, the peninsula gets back to the nature, the sea mammals, and the birds sheltered in the 110 km along the open shores over the Atlantic Ocean and in the 150 km along Golfo Nuevo and Golfo San José. As the hot currents that come from Brazil meet the cold currents from Malvinas, the maximum feeding and breeding conditions are ensured for animals. Thus, Península Valdés has become a huge maternity ward for whales, sea elephants and lions, birds...

Coming from the city of Puerto Madryn, 77 km away, you must go through this isthmus to get into the park. Puerto Pirámides is located on the south, over Golfo Nuevo, and is the starting point for ships that take you whale-watching. In the far southern region and at the bottom of the lighthouse: Punta Delgada with sea elephants and lions. Penguins live over the Atlantic coast towards Caleta Valdés; to the north, a gravel tongue is the shelter for sea elephants. To the north: Punta Norte with its vast colony of sea elephants and lions. On the way back to Golfo San José up to Isla de los Pájaros, although access is prohibited, you may enjoy its beauty from the coast.